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New Jersey is no stranger the music business when it comes to producing some of the biggest stars in the music industry; Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Count Basie, Jay-Z, and of course, the original Jersey Boys Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, to name a few. With the major ascension of electronic dance music (EDM) in the past 10 years, it isn’t surprising that New Jersey would be the birth home of some EDM superstars. That’s right! Meet the Jersey Boys of EDM, Cash Cash consisting of brothers Jean Paul (JP) and Alex Makhlouf and best friend Sam Friseh, who are all now based out of New York.

Cash Cash (l. Jean Paul (JP) Makhlouf, c. Sam Friseh, r. Alex Makhlouf) photo credit: Meghan Benson
Cash Cash (l. Jean Paul (JP) Makhlouf, c. Sam Friseh, r. Alex Makhlouf) photo credit: Meghan Benson

As with most musical groups, Cash Cash went through some changes before things started to take off for the group. Formed in 2002 as a rock band playing under the name The Consequences, the band had three independent releases and an additional member, drummer Anthony Villacari, in the beginning. It wasn’t until 2008 when they changed their sound, their name and group roster to become a trio that Cash Cash started their flight toward the top of Mt. EDM. “Listening to Cash Cash is like popping open a bottle of pure unfiltered fun,” wrote Ben Herbert of The Marketing Machine. It’s that electrifying sound that got other artists to take notice of the group and get them to remix or produce their tracks. In addition to 5 EP or full music collections of their own, Cash Cash has remixed or produced for Colbra Starship (Good Girls Go Bad remix), Calvin Harris ( Let’s Go remix), Katy Perry ( Part of Me remix), Lady Gaga ( Marry the Night remix), Bruno Mars (Treasure remix – #1 Hype Machine Chart), and EDM star groups Krewella ( Alive remix and Live for theNight production) and Icona Pop (All Night remix – #1 Hype Machine Chart).

On the heels of successfully producing and co-writing the Krewella’s  Live for the Night from the #1 Billboard Dance/Electronic Album Chart collection Get Wet, Cash Cash signed with electronic music label giant  Atlantic/Big Beat Records and immediately started work on their current hit Take Me Home featuring Bebe Rexha (formerly of Black Card). Since it’s July 16, 2013 worldwide release, Take Me Home has hit the top spot on Billboard’s Dance Radio Chart. With the lead single from their 6-track EP OVERTIME earning them a massive amount of new fans, Cash Cash embarked on a national tour the second half of 2013 causing the trio to become masters at multitasking performance, songwriting, producing and remixing duties.

While catching a little break between all that Cash Cash does, JP chatted with me about the success of Take Me Home, living out the dream of making music, the group’s shared workload, performing with Krewella, and their new music with Christine Perri.

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